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Armory Viewer

Armory viewer is an application for viewing the World of Warcraft Armory on your desktop (Coming soon to mobile!). You will no longer have to open up your browser just to view what gear your friend has.

Armory Viewer is developed in C# 2010

Requires .NET Framework 4.0 RC


  • Download data directly from the Armory.
  • Simple, easy to use GUI for searching and viewing data.
  • Automatic update system.

Current Development

Checklist for 1.1
  • ArmoryData library
    • Character (Everything complete except achievements)
    • Guild (Pending)
    • Arena Teams (Pending)
    • Items (Pending)
  • ArmoryViewer Desktop (Working on profile form)
    • Search (Needs some work)
    • Character Profile (Work in progress)
    • Guild Profile (Pending)
    • Arena Team (Pending)
    • Preferences (Mostly completed)
    • Updater (100%, may need some cleaning)
    • Themes (Pending)
  • ArmoryViewer Mobile (Waiting for Windows Phone 7 SDK, moved to 1.2)


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