1.1 (TBA)
  • Recoded using WPF
  • All previous bugs should be gone
  • Updated to the .NET Framework 4.0 (7/9/2009)
  • Fixed problem with untalented characters
  • Active spec is now the default spec shown
  • Added option to change the update mirror
    • To change to the beta mirror (not recommended) open up the settings.ini file and either change or add UpdateMirror=http://sites.google.com/site/christianhood/armoryviewer/beta
  • Fixed a problem with images
  • Fixed errors on Windows XP

Note: If you want to auto-update to this build, make sure you run as admin. Also, version 1.1 (the beta build) is still being worked on, this was just a release to fix some things really quick.

1.0.9 (7/9/2009)
  • Fixed a problem with administrative rights when trying to read registry (used for AV Protocol)
  • Fixed an error with loading title info (Blizz caused)
  • Fixed crash when loading a character from the guild form
  • Updater fixed, now has a progress screen and can be canceled
  • Updater now supports portable mode (if you download the archive version instead of the setup, when there is an update aviewer will automatically download the archive version and extract it for you).
  • Removed the reputation tab (Blizzard changed a lot so I'll have to recode it from scratch)
  • Fixed problem with loading talents (Blizz caused)

Note: You must manually download this update, the updater wasn't working correctly in 1.0.8 (It gives a WebClient exception).

1.0.8 (5/29/2009)
  • Dual spec support
  • Fixed talent loading
  • Fixed hit rating bug
  • Fixed wowhead localization problems
  • Fixed guild loading

1.0.7 (5/20/2009)
  • Upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 1.
    • .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 1 can be downloaded here.
  • Added av:// protocol. To use just change http://CharacterArmoryUrl to av://CharacterArmoryUrl. Must be first enabled in the Preferences.
  • Achievements load (Main categories only).
    • GUI is a work in progress.
    • It takes forever to download currently, go to Preferences to disable if you wish.
    • Achievement points icon added.
  • Added task bar progress support for Windows 7.
  • Company name changed to Beastware.
  • Download error with talents.

1.0.6 (12/21/2008)
  • Search Type now saved on exit.
  • Guild Roster filtering implemented.
  • Added statistics to Guild form (Filters NYI).
  • Removed Guild tab if no guild exists.
  • Added achievement points and last modified date to profile form.
  • Changed could not load character error text.
  • Added Achievement and Statistics tab (Currently empty).

1.0.5 (12/06/2008):
  • Added localization for Wowhead Special characters look horrible though. If anyone has any fixes for this, please tell me.
  • Auto-updater re-implemented.

1.0.4 (12/05/2008):
  • Reputation can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel.
  • Added setting for downloading sockets/enchants (Disabling makes loading time faster.).
  • Guild Roster works (Filtering is NYI.)
  • Added scrollbars to the Error Report form.
  • Fixed item tooltips with single-quotes.

1.0.3 (12/02/2008):
  • Added Enchants/Gems to item tooltips (Thanks Wowhead).
  • Changed the icon
  • Disabled Update checker
  • Fixed Notify Icon Exit Menu Item

1.0.2 (11/26/2008):
  • Removed skills tab (Blizzard screwed it up)

1.0.1 (11/25/2008):
  • Wrath update
  • First public release

  • Private alpha/dev testing.

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